Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

WDMH has a full team of experts to care for you and your baby. We look forward to meeting you.


Our four obstetricians have diverse skills to provide safe care to their patients. They will follow you throughout your pregnancy and at WDMH after you have delivered.

Dr. Shamsa Deeb
Suite 500 - 2 Lorry Greenberg Drive
Ottawa, ON K1G 5H6
Phone: (613) 248-3337
Fax: (613) 248-3336


Dr. Roger Perron

St Lawrence Medical Clinic

PO Box 772

Suite 100 - 34 Ottawa Street

Morrisburg, ON K0C 1X0

Phone: (613) 543-2963


Dr. Dominique St-Cyr

566 Louise Street

Winchester, ON K0C 2K0

Phone: (613) 774-2420 ext. 6110

Fax: (613) 774-6845


Dr. Patricia Toomey
Greely Village Medical Centre
205 - 6045 Bank Street 
Greely, ON K4P 0G5
Phone: (613) 804-5163
Fax: (613) 216-5163


Family Physicians

There are four family physicians providing obstetrical care at WDMH. They are a great choice for low risk birth and they also can provide care to your baby while in the hospital.

Dr. Pierre Demoissac
Dr. Kheira Jolin

Nation River Health Clinic

512A Main Street

Winchester, ON  K0A 1R0
Phone:  (613) 774-0915

Fax: (613) 774-0916 


Dr. Elizabeth Rivington
34 Ottawa Street

PO Box 772
Morrisburg ON K0C 1X0
Phone: (613) 543-2963
Fax: 613-543-4171



WDMH has a group of midwives on staff who are part of the Gentle Beginning Midwifery Clinic located in Winchester, Embrun, Ottawa South and Cornwall. Midwives care for low-risk pregnancies. You will meet at least two midwives during your pregnancy and they will provide your primary care throughout your pregnancy, labour and birth.



462 Main St. E., PO Box 505

Winchester, ON  K0C 2K0

Phone: 613-774-3131

Fax: 613-774-7051


1101 Notre Dame St.

Embrun, ON

Phone: 613-443-0335

Fax: 613-443-9430


30 – 13th Street East, Unit 7

Cornwall, ON  K6H 6V9

Phone: 613-933-3030

Fax: 613-936-2979


7002 Nickerson Way
Greely, ON  K4P 1A3
Phone: 613-821-7444
Fax: 613-774-7051


Our Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses are dedicated professionals who strive to offer evidence-informed, quality care that is personalized to meet the needs and wishes of each individual patient. 



WDMH offers 24/7 pain management options to support your labour process.

Please note:

WDMH is a Level 1 hospital and we do not provide care for very high-risk pregnancies. If you have a high-risk pregnancy, your healthcare provider may refer you to a tertiary care hospital. WDMH does not have a neonatal intensive care unit. If your baby is in significant distress after delivery, we may have to transfer your baby to CHEO. Please note that this only happens in 1% of all pregnancies. If you arrive at the hospital in preterm labour (before 36 weeks of gestation), you may be transferred to a tertiary hospital if time allows. Again, this happens on rare occasions.

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