Research at WDMH

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WDMH’s strategic plan identifies research as a strategic priority. We want to make evidence-informed decisions, always asking ‘why’ and ‘how can we do this better’. Then we want to apply the knowledge that we gain for better patient care.

We have the opportunity to encourage established researchers to include the rural environment and related factors in their research projects. Our focus is on increasing participation, awareness and knowledge about the research process by being part of existing research teams and projects. 


Research impacts healthcare delivery. In particular, research at WDMH benefits rural healthcare delivery for our local communities. 


Please take this opportunity to explore our website and see what research at WDMH is all about! 

To learn more about WDMH Research or to get involved, please contact:

Dr. Mohamed Gazarin

Chief Research Officer

613-774-2422 ext. 6226

Questions for the Research Ethics Board should be directed to



It`s not just the outcomes that will make research rewarding.
The research process itself - the process of exploring the unknown and discovering
answers to previously unanswered questions - can be exciting.

- Kathryn Jacobsen