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Rural Research Network Ethics Board

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WDMH is committed to research. We want to always ask ‘why’ and ‘how can we do this better' – particularly in a rural hospital.  The Rural Research Network is a collaboration of rural organizations led by WDMH. It is focused on addressing healthcare issues affecting rural populations. Our research is guided by a Research Ethics Board (REB) and we are looking for new volunteer Board members.

What qualifications are needed?

Members of the Research Ethics Board (REB) are volunteers who have a passion for improving the quality of rural health care. The REB shall include at least two members practicing medicine or dentistry and who are in good standing with their regulatory body, and at least one member:

  • Primarily experienced in non-scientific areas
  • Knowledgeable in ethics
  • Knowledgeable in the relevant law (for biomedical research)
  • From the community, living in rural Ontario, with no formal affiliation with WDMH
For more details, read the REB Terms of Reference.  

What is required?

The Research Ethics Board reviews research projects reflecting on ethical impact. The Board will look at potential risks and benefits, protection of participants, and relevance of research. 


The following expectations, qualities, and skills are required of all members to ensure quorum and optimal group dynamic:

  • Be available and willing to commit time for board meetings (including preparation time);
  • Participate actively in discussions with other REB members, providing input to research applications/protocols and input in drafting REB documents and procedures;
  • Be a team player – present views and opinions clearly and directly, contribute constructively to debate, and possess skills that promote working effectively together;
  • Listen attentively and respectfully to other members; and
  • Consider complex issues thoughtfully and objectively. 
Meetings are held quarterly for 2 to 3 hours, and sometimes monthly. 

How to Apply

If this opportunity interests you, please send your expression of interest and any relevant background information to Feras Balbous, Administrative Assistant, at


Thank you for your interest.