Be Involved in Your Care

Be Involved in Your Care

At WDMH, we encourage patients to be active members of their health care team. It is important to come prepared for your medical treatment by understanding as much as you can about your issue, the treatments and/or procedures you will have, and to have a plan in place for when you go home. You should discuss any questions or concerns you have with a member of your health care team.


WDMH is a recognized rural teaching hospital. This means that some of your health care team may include students, under the supervision of qualified professionals who will introduce them to you as such. These students are here to learn, and would very much appreciate your cooperation.


It is very important that the health care team know:

  • How you are feeling now
  • If you are taking any medication
  • If you have had surgery or recent hospital visits
  • If you have an ongoing illness like diabetes
  • If there is any illness that runs in your family
  • If you have an addiction of any kind

Please bring all of your medications with you.


Patient and Family-Centred Care

At WDMH, we embrace patient and family-centred care. This is an approach that fosters respectful, compassionate, culturally appropriate and competent care that responds to the needs, values, beliefs and preferences of clients and their family members.


What I Value as a Patient

This statement helps us to put patients first and ensure patient-centred care. It helps to clarify what patients can expect from their healthcare organization. By promoting and respecting these rights and responsibilities, we can successfully fulfill our commitment, and demonstrate these values in the care we provide.


Voice: I will being able to courteously express my opinions about my healthcare experience.


Courtesy & Respect: I will being treated with courtesy and respect by healthcare providers, students and volunteers. This includes respect for my family, language, culture, spirituality and patient confidentiality.


Quality: I value receiving timely, high quality care, supported by research and professionalism.


Informed Decision Making: I value having access to reliable information about my care options to help me make decisions.


Active Participation: I value being a partner in healthcare decision-making, especially about my treatment.