Guidelines for Visitors

Guidelines for Visitors

Respiratory illness precautions continue to be reviewed and adjusted as the respiratory season improves. Our visiting hours are changing too,  Click here to learn more

Help us care for our patients

Please wash your hands when you enter and exit the hospital, and before and after visiting a patient’s room.

Please do not come to the hospital to visit patients if you are sick, especially if you have a fever or cough. Although you may not feel that unwell, you can pass your illness to patients who may be vulnerable and can become very sick.


Special Precautions

We take extra precautions to prevent germs from being passed to others. It is very important to follow these extra precautions to protect our patients, visitors and staff. The signs on the doors have pictures of what you must do to keep everyone safe.

  • Look at the sign on the door to know what you need to put on before you enter the room (e.g. gown).
  • Before you enter and when you leave the room, perform hand hygiene with the alcohol hand rub.
  • When you leave, remove gloves and put them in the trash by the door. Remove your gown and place in the laundry hamper by the door. Wash your hands with alcohol hand rub before touching anything else. If you are wearing a mask take it off and throw it in the garbage and perform hand hygiene again.
  • Do not re-use gowns, gloves and mask – get fresh items each time.
  • Do not leave the room wearing the gloves and gown for any reason, as this will spread the germs to other surfaces and people.