Meet Dr. Gazarin and the Research Team

Meet the Research Team

The core research team at WDMH (that oversees our research projects) includes the Chief Research Officer, a Research Assistant, and a Physician Lead. There are also many proxy research members to champion, inform, guide, and support projects.

At WDMH we try not to limit the term “researcher” to solely clinicians. A member of our research team could be anyone who has an idea for a project or passion for research itself - from nurses to volunteers to housekeeping staff. We also welcome students of all levels of education.


Dr. Mohamed Gazarin, Chief Research Officer 

Mohamed Gazarin 

Dr. Mohamed Gazarin is the current Chief Research Officer at WDMH and is also the founder of the Rural Research Network (RRN). Dr. Gazarin is an Assistant Professor at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Medicine, and an Affiliate Investigator at The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. He obtained his doctoral degree of Pharmacy from the University of Florida in 2014 and completed the Global Clinical Scholars Research Training program with Harvard Medical School in 2019.


Susan Ko, Research Assistant

Lydia Ko

Susan Ko is the Research Assistant at WDMH’s Centre of Excellence for Rural Health and Education. She received her Honours Bachelor of Science in chemistry as well as Bachelor of Science in biology, both obtained from the University of Ottawa. Her previous employments include working in research administration and clinical research.


Dr. Wayne Domanko, Physician Lead

Dr. Wayne Domanko

We are very excited to have Dr. Wayne Domanko on the research team. Dr. Domanko joined the team upon “semi-retiring” after spending nearly 50 years as a physician in this community. Dr. Domanko is an extremely valuable asset to our team, providing extensive clinical and research experience. He also has an ability to spread change throughout not only physicians, but the community as a whole.


Message from the Chief Research Officer

Introducing research as one of our strategic priorities is one of the most exciting things to happen at WDMH. Research shakes and moves individual minds and directions. It empowers our team to challenge the unchallengeable and question the unquestionable. 


I envision three operational priorities for the Research Office:  

  • Networking:
    • Horizontal - with similar rural hospitals and practice sites
    • Vertical - with national leaders in rural research
  • Building research infrastructure: by improving institutional capacity through our colleagues or via creating readily- available access to resources in the five fundamental research steps:
    • Identifying the study question
    • Selecting study approach and designing methodology
    • Collecting data
    • Analyzing data
    • Reporting findings

  • Research Agenda: Moving toward the creation of our research agenda which will enable us to develop specialized expertise and grow 

These three operational priorities will be achieved through a hybrid mix of short and long-term strategies.


To learn more or get involved, please email me at


Dr. Mohamed Gazarin

Chief Research Officer