Quality Improvement Plan

Our Patient Care Improvement Plan

Quality improvement is an ongoing priority to help us continually find new and better ways of doing things. Our Patient Care  Improvement Plan - or PCIP - is one tool that we use to help us document and review our current performance in a variety of areas. With this plan, we can very clearly see our targeted areas for improvement and chart our progress.


Read our 2019/2020 PCIP, highlighting and listing our hospital’s top priorities for the year.


WDMH's new indicators this year include:  

  • 30 Day follow up for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), Diabetes Patients in the Emergency Department (ED)
  • Average time from Decision to Admit to Inpatient Bed
  • Physician Notification of suspected Sepsis at ED Triage 
  • Newborn Procedural Pain Management (Heel Prick) 
  • Hospital Acquired Delirium 

Read our 2018-2019 PCIP Progress Report.


The PCIP is only one of the ways we are working to improve our patients’ experiences. If you have questions, please contact Nathalie Boudreau, Vice President of Clinical Services and Chief Nursing Executive at 613.774.2422, ext. 6351.