Going Home

Going Home

WDMH has developed an Information Booklet for new mothers and their families. It provides information about your care and your baby's care after birth and covers many topics from exercise to breastfeeding to healthy sleep.


Check out these videos for new parents, courtesy of Ottawa Public Health: https://www.parentinginottawa.ca/en/becoming-a-parent-and-pregnancy/here-comes-baby.aspx


Registering Your Newborn |Hearing Tests | Your Next Appointment | Pediatric Resources | Post-Partum Depression Resources

Registering Your Newborn

All babies born in Ontario must be registered within 30 days following their birth. When you go home, you will need to go to the Service Ontario website and register the birth. This same service will allow you to apply for your newborn’s birth certificate, social insurance number and child benefits.

If your child qualifies for the Ontario Health Insurance Program (OHIP), you will be given a temporary health card before you leave the hospital. The official health card will come in the mail in about 6-8 weeks.

Hearing Tests

It is important that your newborn receive a hearing test. This non-invasive test is performed within a few weeks after birth. The Hearing Program will contact you with an appointment time. If you haven't been called by the hearing program within one month, please call the Eastern Ontario Health Unit at 1-800-267-7120.

Your Next Appointment

Please schedule an appointment to see your doctor six weeks after delivery. This appointment is important to ensure you are recovering normally from the birth. If you have a midwife, she will likely care for you and your baby during the 6 weeks after delivery.


It is very important that your newborn be assessed by a doctor, nurse practitioner or midwife within three to five days of leaving the hospital. If you are searching for a new doctor, visit Health Care Connect.

Pediatric Resources

You may find these resources helpful as your baby grows:

Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development

Canadian Pediatric Society

Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services 


Post-Partum Depression Resources

Eastern Ontario Health Unit nurses visit our post-partum patients in the hospital Monday to Friday. During their teaching, they encourage families to reach out to them should they need support. Here is a link to their website for post-partum care.

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