Our Vision:

To be a national leader in providing exemplary rural patient care in all medication-related matters, in a healthy environment that encourages education

Our Mission:

  • To improve quality of life of our patients with compassionate, safe & evidence-based care
  • To collaborate & provide our clinical professionals with maximum support in any medication-related subjects
  • To utilize technology
  • To conduct & collaborate with clinical research

Our pharmacy staff is made up of pharmacists and registered technicians. Our team works with other health care providers to help improve the quality of life of our patients by providing compassionate, safe and evidence based care. The team also supports clinical research which directly enhances patient care. We manage medication use and provide drug information, helping to build a medication system that is safe, effective, and efficient.


Please bring all of your medications to the hospital and give them to the nurse. This will help build your medication history profile. As well, there may be occasions when your own supply of medication could be used while you are in the hospital. It is very important to let us know if you have any allergies, or have had any adverse effects to any medications.


Pharmacists are involved with a number of patient care activities including:

  • Pharmaceutical care/ medication management (ensuring safe and effective patient-centred care by identifying, resolving and preventing drug therapy problems for individual patients and developing patient- specific therapeutic care plans)
  • Patient medication reconciliation at admission and discharge
  • Patient care rounds
  • Drug information for patients and other health care professionals
  • Patient education
  • Develop & contribute in creating treatment algorithms & pre-printed orders
  • Inter-professional education and preceptoring

Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacy technicians are involved in:

  • Drug distribution to ensure safe and effective medication use
  • Inventory management
  • Intra-venous & chemotherapy medication preparation
  • Teaching

The Pharmacist is available to answer medication questions that you or your family may have.


For more information, call 613-774-2420 ext. 6292.

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