Eye Care

WDMH offers eye care services through outpatient clinics, the ophthalmic lab and the operating room.


We provide state-of-the-art diagnostics including: 

  • optical coherence tomography
  • automated visual fields
  • corneal topography
  • ultrasound ophthalmic scans
  • IOL master A scans

 We provide surgical procedures including: 

  • cataract surgery
  • astigmatic keratectomy
  • adult strabismus
  • lid surgeries (ectropion and entropion repair)
  • laser surgeries for both glaucoma and secondary cataract 


  • Dr. Anuj Bhargava  MD FRCSC
  • Dr. Dennis Conrad  MD FRCSC
  • Dr. Walter Delpero  MD FRCSC
  • Dr. Darrell Lewis  MD FRCSC
Initial appointments are available through consultations from your optometrist or family doctor.


For more information, please contact WDMH's Outpatient Clinic
Phone: 613.774.2422 ext. 6318

Fax: 613.774.7206



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