The Clinical Dietitian is responsible for educating patients and caregivers about their overall disease and especially how it relates to nutritional management. Nutrition care plans are created to support a healthy lifestyle and disease prevention.


WDMH Dietitians are trained to advise you on food, diet and nutrition. In every province, practicing Dietitians are licensed, so you can be assured you are getting safe and ethical advice.

  • The WDMH Dietitian can help you manage medical conditions that may benefit from diet change.
  • Individual Nutrition Counseling is available to provide nutrition assessment and intervention for various conditions such as IBD, IBS, liver disease, chronic kidney disease, celiac, cancer, complicated Obesity/Metabolic Syndrome, known food allergies/intolerance, and malnutrition/underweight.
  • Group Education is available for Heart Healthy Nutrition/Cholesterol Lowering
  • The WDMH Dietitian also provides nutrition intervention in Pediatric Healthy Weight for Life Clinic, under the lead of Pediatrician Dr. Radmila Jovanovic (Fax 613-774-6845) and within The Ottawa Hospital hemodialysis and chemotherapy satellite sites.

Unless otherwise indicated, a Referral for Outpatient Clinical Nutrition Counselling must be completed by a physician and faxed to 613-774-6856 so an appointment can be scheduled through the Dietitian’s office.


For More Information, please contact:

Lisa Raoul, BSc, RD

WDMH Clinical Dietitian

613-774-2420 ext. 6761

Other Nutrition Resources:

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Eat Right Ontario

Call 1-877-510-5102 to speak with a Dietitian toll free from anywhere in Ontario from 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday and until 9 pm on Tuesday and Thursday.

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