Learning at WDMDH

Learning at WDMH

At WDMH, we welcome students. They are an integral part of the health care team.


WDMH has a 24/7 emergency department, inpatient medical and surgical services, and maternity/newborn care. WDMH also has a wide range of day surgery services, outpatient specialty clinics, and is a partner in several regional programs including cancer services (breast cancer screening, surgery and chemotherapy) and chronic kidney disease (dialysis). Laboratory, pharmacy and diagnostic imaging services (including CT scanning and digital mammography) support the clinical programs.

WDMH’s unique strengths include a well-recognized rural health education program; strong skills and resources in information technology; and a leadership role in the Centre of Excellence for Rural Health and Education. It’s a collaborative that brings the hospital, local long-term care facility, physicians, community care providers, educators and researchers together in one place, for greater synergy and continuity of care.

At WDMH, the learning experience extends beyond the hospital to this continuum of care throughout the community. We are committed to teaching and nurturing tomorrow’s workforce. We look forward to welcoming you.