Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Sub-research Teams

Among the top objectives of the research office is capacity building throughout the hospital. As part of this strategic orientation, the research office is building five sub-research teams from our own staff for the different research stages:

  • research question
  • study design
  • data collection
  • data analysis, and
  • publishing

We are actively recruiting for the different sub-research teams. If you are interested or would like to submit a question, please contact the team in person at WDMH, through the online submission form, or by email: Everyone from all departments is encouraged to get involved.


Front Line Staff Engagement

Another avenue for capacity building at WDMH is through staff championing and leading quality improvement projects. Front-line staff receive protected research time to work on quality improvement projects that they are passionate about and are guided by the research team through the research process. Currently, we have one active quality improvement projects:

  • Delirium prevention in older inpatient adults led by Samantha Claxton

If you have a special interest in research or a specific topic that could lead to a research project, please contact the team in person at WDMH or by email: Everyone from all departments is encouraged to get involved.



The Rural Research Network Research Ethics Board (RRN-REB) was established and held its first meeting on June 11th, 2019. The RRN-REB will continue to meet quarterly until further notice. The REB is a diverse group of individuals responsible for reviewing a study to make sure that the research participants' rights and welfare are protected when the study is not QI. This valuable task ensures the value of the research to be performed is maintained and only high-quality research comes out of WDMH and its partner organizations, including the other members of the RRN.

For more information and for REB forms, please see Research Ethics or contact



As a rural teaching hospital, we also welcome many learners to our team, including students of various levels and volunteers. To date, students and volunteers have been involved in almost every aspect of the research work at WDMH, including having worked on the REB establishment, QI projects & grants, research question directed grants, literature reviews, case studies, posters for conference submissions, auditing, and so much more.

For more information please contact