Physician Leadership

Physician Leadership

Chief of Staff – Dr. Brian Devin
Chief of Anaesthesia – Dr. Patricia Moussette
Chief of Emergency Medicine – Dr. Crystal Doyle
Chief of Family Medicine – Dr. Jennifer Ingram-Crooks

Chief of Internal Medicine - Dr. Rimon Ghattas
Chief of Laboratory Services – Dr. Ivan Blasutig
Chief of Obstetrics & Gynecology – Dr. Roger Perron
Chief of Medical Imaging – Dr. José Aquino
Chief of Surgery – Dr. Malika Oberoi


Director of Residency Programs - Dr. Vikas Bhagirath

Director of Medical Education - Dr. Wayne Domanko

Chief Medical Information Officer - Dr. Marilyn Crabtree 


President, Medical Staff Organization - Dr. Mary Naciuk

Vice President, Medical Staff Organization - Dr. Geoff Peters

Secretary/Treasurer, Medical Staff Organization - Dr. Beth Rivington